Posted by: Doc Bruce | June 6, 2006

From NY to Sanibel

Today we are still in New York saying goodbye to all our good friends at Fieldston and Pennington and Chapel School and Sarah Lawrence Early Childhood Center and the American Museum of Natural History. We’re saying to everyone, “come on down and visit us! Come to Sanibel Sea School! Come to our home! You can rent a few bikes and explore our island with us.

The movers come next week to pack up all those shells and egg cases and sea urchin tests and fish bones and turtle bones to move them back to the ocean!! What would an anthropologist make of Dr. Bruce Neill – carting bags of detritis home on a plane for years and years and then paying a moving company good hard-earned money to bring it all back, carefully wrapped in boxes (re-useable boxes)! We humans are splendid.

(Speaking of splendid, our friend Jamie, took this great photo of a scorpionfish. How do you like that camouflage. I bet his prey never know what hit them.)

I’ll leave you all with something to ponder. All those handheld device chargers we leave plugged into outlets still use a little energy. In fact, chargers use about 5 watts an hour when nothing is plugged in to them!!! So, when you plug your device into to you, unplug your charger from the wall. Over and out, EV

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