Posted by: Doc Bruce | November 2, 2006

A Great Day for Learning, Fish and Fun

Today was one of those perfect days to be in the field in SW Florida. This Little Blue Heron posed for us on Wildlife Drive in Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Then we saw a large group of White Pelicans. White Pelicans winter here and spend their summers in the Rocky Mountains. It is great to see old friends return to the Refuge. White Pelicans are much different than our beloved residents, the Brown Pelican. It is nice to see them side-by-side. We also got a peak of a nice little American Alligator.

Then we were off to the beach for some beach ecology lessons. We were had a nice day of seining at the beach. Katie Schroll, of Medina, OH is shown here showing off some of the many fish we were able to seine off the beach. The weather here was a little warmer than back in Ohio.

Our Gulf waters are alive with baitfish this time of year and it is great to see these little creatures first-hand. We were also able to catch a large number of sand fleas in our seines.

And, of course, what would a field trip be without a little plain old fun?

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