Posted by: Doc Bruce | February 16, 2007

A Cold Day at the Ocean Always Beats a Day in School

Ms. O’s fourth grade class from Canterbury School braved the winds and rain of winter weather of Florida to spend the day at Sanibel Sea School. Their efforts were rewarded with many great and exciting island adventures.

We tasted mangrove leaves, slipped in mud flats, found fiddler crabs, honed our skills of observation, added some new vocabulary words…was that ephemeral?

And in the seine, in the rain, we were lucky enough to catch several magnificent sea horses.

Mr. Murphy found a strange new creature never before seen to science and delighted us all with this important scientific discovery.

Sometimes it is easier to pay more attention on a field trip, in the field, in the cold, in the rain rather than sitting in a desk in a warm classroom on a wintery day. Go Figure.

At Sanibel Sea School, every day is a field trip.

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