Posted by: Doc Bruce | February 19, 2007

Mud Forests

Mangrove forests are integral parts of the marine ecosystem. In some partrs of the world, they are called forests of mud. Here we pay homage to the spirits of the mud forest, or at least we appear to as we listen for the sounds of the mud flats.

Mrs. Pollard’s 4th grade class from Canterbury School had a blast discovering the mud flats, and finding out just how sticky they can be at low tide. Easy way to loose a croc. Better a croc than a student. We also delighted to learn that sea horses share that rich habitat. And, we became trackers to discover what creatures had been here before us, including racoons and several species of wading birds.

And what better a way to relax after lunch and show our island lifestyle than making some shell jewelry? We tied hemp fibers into braclets, chokers and anklets adorned with some of Sanibel’s famous bivavlve shells. The toe is the very best place to hold the fibers while tying up a bunch of knots.

Not a bad way to spend the last day before winter break, or for that matter any old school day. There is just something about a field trip. Makes everything fall in to pace. Easy to remember the fun, hard to forget the facts and way to learn about the ocean.

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