Posted by: Doc Bruce | March 5, 2007

Seeing Nature Eye to Eye

Sometimes if you creep up nice and slow, you get an opportunity to view nature up front and in a personal way. Recently, Doc Alice Pittman and George Weed had a personal encounter with a Great Blue Heron at Blind Pass. It was hard to tell whether we were more interested, or if the heron was more interested in us. Either way, we had a great visit with the bird out on the flats on a warm sunny day.

Then back to Sanibel Sea School for some serious art as we continue to talk about estuaries and the amounts of salt in estuary waters.

And, what lunch would be complete without visiting the corn snake, Pepper? We all enjoy a chance to feel his smooth, cool skin. There is just something about a snake that kids (and most of us adults) just can’t resist.

Followed by the freshest coconut in the world. Just the right combo to fuel young minds for an afternoon of exploration.

Sanibel Sea School because Every Day Should Be a Field Trip.

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