Posted by: Doc Bruce | March 12, 2007

And Somtimes we have Some Fun !

Today, we had a mermaid at Sanibel Sea School, she is Eve Plank, also known as MP – the mermaid princess. She and her brother, Jesse “Ventura” Plank took a little break from all the hard field work and learning to pose for some pictures. In the morning, a long hike on the Baily Tract led these young detectives to realize that the plant communities on Sanibel Island are ADAPTED to fire. They even thrive on fire. And, not only are the plants adapted to fire, but many of the animals as well.

And for fun, we watched several alligators enjoy the freshwater environments of Sanibel Island.

What happens when kids are hungry?

At Sanibel Sea School, we feed them a good, healthy lunch and magically they change back to the ever-so-wonderful kids that we knew from the morning.

Now, out to open some coconuts and then back to the field to study Lightning Whelks and their egg-cases.

The fun never stops on a field trip!

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