Posted by: Doc Bruce | March 20, 2008

Week 3 Octifest Clue

It seems that good things happen to people’s brains at night. Steve and Louise Clark cracked the code for Octifest scavenger hunt #2 Friday night. They realized that the old Sanibel Firehouse was moved to its present location in the 1970’s to become the Bait Box. But they had to wait until Saturday morning when the Bait Box opened to see if their hunch was correct. Bait Box owner Ralph Woodring wasn’t about to make it too easy either. Once inside, the Clark’s had to search for the clue, nestled in a display of mangrove honey. As Luc Century, the Octifest vase artist said, “Wow, mangrove honey?!”

This is Octifest, a season of mission at Sanibel Sea School that will culminate in the Octifest fundraiser on April 26 at the Community Center. To celebrate these eight weeks, Sanibel Sea School is holding eight all-island scavenger hunts. Each week a clue will be published here in the Island Sun. The person who finds a laminated token bearing the Octifest octopus will receive a beautiful crystal vase by island artist Luc Century.

To follow the Octifest scavenger hunts between issues of the Island Sun tune in to on the web. As soon a token is found, the blog will carry a posting.

So, with mirth and glee we present clue number three!

We are islands after all
Connected by bridges short and tall.
And what that really means is that all
But the water we use must get here.

We use something every day
A lot of this, it’s sad to say.
We take it for granted in every way.
It comes to us from across the bay.
That’s all you need to find it.

The point you are looking for
Is where this stuff comes ashore
It’s customarily reached by foot, or
A boat, I suppose, could get there.

Good luck
Happy Octifest hunting!


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