Posted by: Doc Bruce | March 30, 2008

Octifest Clue # 4 Has Been Found !

Congragulations to Peyton Smith who found the Octifest Clue Number 4! He scrambled ampongst the chaos to find the clue nested in an Australian Pine on a Causeway Island.

Bruce and Ev, they ponder and stew,
Over each word placed in the Ocitfest clue.

Octifest Fever is running wild,
Parents are searching disguised as their child.

Average explorers wait with great joy,
While Octi-fanitics tackle the paper boy.

They load up their cars and speed to the place,
Surprised to find past winners engaged in the race.

They scatter about and panic sets in,
Only to find they can’t count to ten!

After counting and digging under each branch and log,
The treasure was found by one cleaver P-Dog!

So the waiting begins for the next Octi-clue,
For the next 168 hours, what will we do?!

Good Times!

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