Posted by: Doc Bruce | April 7, 2008

The Octifest #5 Clue Has Been Found

Judy and Buck Kirkpatrick braved the circle of clues to snag the fifth Octifest Clue! Congratulations you two. And in keeping with the Octifest traditions, Judy penned a poem for the event.
Down and defeated, four weeks had passed.
No sign of the Octipus, I’d been outclassed.
Luc’s work is a favorite, a pure delight.
But none for me was to be my plight.

‘Twas on April third, the tide did turn.
So did my luck, I’ve a lot to learn.
Out in the bay, a double buoy bounced.
Too close and too clean, hubby announced.

A little white card was floating attached.
I checked to see that my sandals were latched
Splashing and sputtering, I grabbed on the fly
An Octifest Octipus sailing by.

From start to finish, we went full round.
Picking up clues ‘til the treasure was found.
And learning that cordgrass is spartina bakeri.
That would ensure there’d be no fakery.

So now in my cottage by the sea,
A Century Octipus just for me.
This whole idea is just way cool.
Thank you Luc and Sanibel Seaschool.

Judi and Buck Kirkpatrick

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