Posted by: Doc Bruce | August 1, 2008

Calusans and Kings Crowns at Sanibel Sea School

The last couple of weeks at Sanibel Sea School have been filled with totems and treasures as campers have studied Calusans and molluscans. In both weeks there was ample opportunity for discovery and invention. The highlight of Calusa Week was a tribal competition in the wilds of Sanibel. Two teams each collected items that the Calusa used for fishing and building – like ark shells, whelk columns and palm fronds. Then we went out into the wild “territories” and built totems in competition. It was great to run through the wild lands like the Last of the Mohicans. And for that we owe super special thanks to the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation. We enjoyed the best Calusa totem game we’ve ever had on the great trails behind the SCCF Nature Center!

Then it was on to King’s Crown Week, dedicated to the little estuary gastropod. And even though we had a metal detector scavenger hunt with clues in metal boxes and prizes to be found, we have to say that it was the mud walk that enthralled the Sanibel Sea School crowd the most. Mud is good fun. And we tromped into it with abandon, getting a King’s Crown Conch’s view of Blind Pass. We also had a great snorkeling excursion to Tarpon Bay on the Sanibel Sea School skiff. And we enjoyed a few fantastic surfing days thanks to the storms we’ve had lately. Thanks to F.I.S.H. and private donors, children who would not otherwise have been able to attend Sanibel Sea School Sanibel Skills Summer Camp have been able to be with us these weeks.
As the summer continues at Sanibel Sea School we’re looking forward to ospreys and dolphins, manatees and surfing. Sanibel Sea School is a non-profit dedicated to marine conservation through experiential education and you can follow our adventures on the web at

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