Posted by: Doc Bruce | December 11, 2008

Congratulations to Steve and Louise Clark !

Steve and Louise Clark were the first winners of the 2008 Scavenger Hunt. They won the Sanibel Lighthouse pendant from Lily & Co. In return for their bounty, they crafted us the following poem.

Thanks Steve and Louise.

It was after a workout in the wreck
And while feeding our hunger at the Heron
A poem in the Sun revealed to us
This year’s Sea School scavenge was begun.

Last spring’s hunts were an eyeland first
To promote an event called Octifest.
Luc Century vases were the prizes,
His octo-etchings deemed the best!

All around Sanibel were were led
By sneaky clues from one sly fox.
But we fooled Bruce and won the prize
When we found the honey, bait and box.

A Lily’s lighthouse is this year’s prize.
Have fun and try to win one.
The Bonefish Ball will help Sea School kids
Explore ocean life and have some fun.

Louise and Steve Clark

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