Posted by: Doc Bruce | December 11, 2008

Ocean Celebration 08 – The Bonefish Ball

The 2008 All Island Scavenger Hunt

Sanibel Sea School and Lily & Co are teaming up to kick off this year’s Bonefish Ball season – the second annual Sea School Ocean Celebration – with a cavalcade of scavenger hunts. Today, the first of eight all-island scavenger hunts begins with clue number one. The prize for Bonefish Ball Scavenger Hunt Number One is an original Lily & Co. 14 karat gold Sanibel Lighthouse sand pendant valued at $385.00 – a little bit of Sanibel to wear forever!

Each week, for these eight weeks, islanders will be given clues that lead to real treasure. In the spirit of fun-raising, participants read the clues in the paper and follow them seeking a laminated Bonefish Ball token that signals glorious, gorgeous treasure, provided by Lily & Co. Players are notified online as soon as the token is found at by clicking on the blog button. There is no fee to play and no obligation involved in winning – just a fun community game with a beautiful prize each week.

Sanibel Sea School is a 501(c)3 dedicated to marine conservation through experiential education. Founded in 2006 on the east end of Sanibel Island, the Sea School teaches kids and adults about the ocean and the ecosystems it sustains. Sanibel Sea School places all it’s chips on the idea that love of the ocean and a spirit of stewardship are “caught not taught.” And in that spirit, one can change the world for the better.

So, for the next couple of months you’re invited to join this Ocean Celebration that culminates with Bonefish Ball on January 30. Proceeds from the Sanibel Sea School Bonefish Ball event will be used for scholarships to individuals, school groups and families in these tough economic times. But before then there are adventures to be had of 8 whopping scavenger hunts for the whole community from Sanibel Sea School and Lily & Co.

And if last year taught us anything, it was this:
Speeding and scavenging don’t mix.
Do not spy on competitors.
Carry a notebook.
Write us a poem back if you’re so inclined when you find it!
Don’t win more than once, but feel free to “shadow” future winners.

A completely random dedicated birder was rewarded by finding a token last year (which proves birders are lucky!)

Good luck and have a great Ocean Celebration!


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