Posted by: Doc Bruce | December 11, 2008

Sanibel Sea School Scavenger Hunt #2: All You Do is Follow the Clue

This week Sanibel Sea School continues its season of Ocean Celebration with the second of eight all-island scavenger hunts. Together with sponsor Lily & Co. Sanibel Sea School is celebrating the coming of the January 30th Bonefish Ball by hiding treasure on the islands. Participants read the clue in the paper each week and follow it seeking a laminated Bonefish Ball token that signals fantastic treasure, provided by Lily & Co. Players are notified online as soon as the token is found at by clicking on the blog button. No purchase necessary, just bring along a spirit of excitement and exploration.

Sanibel Sea School is a 501(c)3 dedicated to marine conservation through experiential education, founded in 2006. The Sea School teaches kids and adults about the ocean and these barrier islands we call home. As Jacques Cousteau said, “people protect what they love.” So, the job of Sanibel Sea School is relatively easy. All that is required is to teach people enough about the ocean and our island habitats to fall in love with them!

For the next couple of months you’re invited to join this Ocean Celebration participating in 8 scavenger hunts sponsored by Lily & Co. This week you can win a set of beautiful Mariposa ocean coral salad servers in recycled aluminum.

For the curious and the envious, last week Steve and Louise Clark found the first treasure of the Bonefish Ball season!

Without Further Ado, Clue Number Two

Long ago in the early days
Things were simpler in many ways
We didn’t have iPods, computers and such
We didn’t buy trinkets and tchotchkes as much.
But when one was fortunate and traveled here
To remember the trip, a souvenir was dear.
Perhaps Jim’s Shell Shop would have just the thing
Find the spot from where these old memories ring.
Good luck and happy hunting!


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