Posted by: Doc Bruce | December 24, 2008

Here We Go for Number Four

Ho, ho, ho, Sanibel Sea School Holds Scavenger Hunt #4.

It’s time for the fourth of eight all-island scavenger hunts during Sanibel Sea School’s season of Ocean Celebration. Together with sponsor Lily & Co. Sanibel Sea School is working up to the arrival of the January 30th Bonefish Ball by hiding treasure on the islands. Every week participants read a clue in the paper and follow it in search of a laminated Bonefish Ball token that marks the spot for a real Lily & Co. holiday treasure! Players are notified online as soon as the token is found at by clicking on the blog button. No purchase necessary!

Sanibel Sea School is a 501(c) 3 dedicated to marine conservation through experiential education. Founded in 2006, the Sea School teaches kids and adults about the ocean and these islands winter, spring, summer and fall including next week’s Shark Week camp for kids.

You’re invited to join in the winter Ocean Celebration and participate in these all-island scavenger hunts. Thanks to Lily & Co. this week’s prize is a beautiful porcelain bud vase by Franz called By the Sea valued at $120.00 – perfect for an island holiday treasure.
So let’s go scavenging!

These islands have seen the famous come through
Most enjoyed our ocean and went on to do
Noteworthy things in the world.

But a few stayed longer than a holiday
And one in particular, it’s safe to say
Put his mark on the islands in a most unique way.

He fought hard battles without military gear
He used his wit to make issues clear.
He took on the powerful without any fear.
And he spoke for the good of the wild.
He defended the wildlife,
He ridiculed greed
He laughed at authority and
Lampooned bad deeds.
His work was a appealing
To anyone who could read.
And even to some that couldn’t!

So now you have to find out where
His desk now sits
And then from there…

Good luck!

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