Posted by: Doc Bruce | January 16, 2009

Week Number 7

Sanibel Sea School along with sponsor and partner Lily and Co. are preparing for the arrival of the January 30th Bonefish Ball by holding a scavenger hunt every week. This is lucky week number seven with Bonefish Ball just around the corner! Every week participants follow clues in search of a laminated Bonefish Ball token that marks the spot for treasure provided by Lily and Co. Players are notified online as soon as the token is found at by clicking on the blog button. No purchase necessary to play!

Sanibel Sea School is a 501(c) 3 dedicated to marine conservation through experiential education. Founded in 2006, the Sea School teaches kids and adults about the ocean and these islands. This summer in response to heavy demand, Sanibel Skills Summer Camp will expand a little to include Urchin Week for kindergarteners and Survival and Surf weeks for teens.
Join this season of Ocean Celebration by participating in the last two all-island scavenger hunts. Thanks to Lily & Co. this week’s prize is a gorgeous hand-blown glass piece from McDermott Glass Studios in Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Seventh Heaven:
History, history, it’s no mystery.
Where have I seen this building before?
It’s been many things, including a store.
The first Episcopal Church, they say.
A school and a bank, back in the day.
Now it’s for you to figure out.
What this clue is all about.


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