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Young Ocean Authors

We just finished the first week of Peace Camp 2009, and what a great week it was! We learned all about interactions in the ocean, improved our teamwork skills while playing fun games, drank hot chocolate, and collaborated on beautiful works of art. Campers were also given Rite in the Rain journals (the waterproof notebooks that scientists use in the field), and they wrote about topics relating to our lesson each day. In addition to dunking their journals in the ocean to prove that they are indeed waterproof, campers pondered and journaled about things like what they would do if they were invisible, drew fabulous sea creature sketches, and used their creative skills to write ocean poetry and ocean carols. At first, some campers were skeptical about the idea that writing can be fun, but by the end of the week everyone began to enjoy their journal time, finding sunny spots in the yard or cozy corners in the building to think and write. At the end of the week, we asked campers to choose their best work for our Young Authors blog, and we were highly impressed by their talent. Here is what they picked to share with you:

Beach Poem By Casey Mason

I went to the beach
Picked up a starfish
And set it free.
I saw a dolphin
And shouted out with glee!

My Poem By Zofia Costa

I went down to the sea
And I saw an anemone
I played with my father
Down by the water

Mutualism By Eve Plank

My example of mutualism would be a shark and a remora. The shark provides food for the fish, and the remora fish cleans the shark!

If I Were Invisible…. By Audry Paul

I sometimes think about what it would be like if I were invisible. First off I would play hilarious pranks on everyone! I could turn my sister’s shower cold without her even noticing, and I could sneak on airplanes and go to Hawaii. Oh the endless possibilities! Sometimes I would be sad though. My mom couldn’t see me, and nobody would want to play with me. What an interesting topic!

Pompano Artwork By Audry Paul

The Blissful Night: An Ocean Poem By Chase Desiderio-Taub

The night is blissful and not even the ocean is scurrying.
The night was dazzling with beauty.
The sunset was descending slow and gracefully.
The blissful night.

Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins An Ocean Carol by Kaelen Jurek

(to the tune of Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel)

Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins
They love to splash and play
And when the sun comes out
With dolphins we shall play!

An Example of Competition in Nature Artwork By Jaime Gustafson

Mutualism in My House Writing and Artwork By Campbell DiCarlo

I love my doggie, Bailey. I feed her and she lets me lay on her in return.

Crashing Waves By Grace Paul

The waves crash
Disturbing the shells
The ocean is peaceful
All is well
What happens in the depths is hard to tell.
The ocean is peaceful
All is well

Surfing Writing and Artwork By Austin Desiderio-Taub

I like to go surfing at the beach when everyone is watching where I’m the star of the whole entire beach.

Fish By Anonmymous

Fish, jumping swimming
Shining scales on sleek bodies
Shoot through calm sea waves

Limericks By Emma Neill

Surfing in the Waves
Snorkeling in some caves
Water could be warm
Jellyfish in a swarm
I love Sea School all the days.

The sun is hot
The water is not
The water is cold
Some people are bold
They dive in the water
And show you what they’ve got

If I Were the Sea By Rachel Wexler

If I were the sea
Not a whale or a bee
I would roll on my back
And the gulls would scratch me
If I were the sea
I would find the key
To being the most perfect sea I could be


Chase Desiderio-Taub is nine years old and lives in New Jersey. He likes the ocean and helping people.

Austin Desiderio-Taub is a seven year old from New Jersey who loves to surf.

Kaelen Jurek is a nine year old who loves to surf and make macramé bracelets.

Jaime Gustafson is a seven year old from London, England. He likes to ride his bike and play in the park.

Casey Mason is nine years old. She loves playing with her dog and collecting cheese hats, because she is a Green Bay Packers fan.

Zofia Costa is six years old and lives on Sanibel Island. She likes to draw and play on the beach.

Eve Plank likes to eat good food and draw.

Campbell DiCarlo loves her dog, has brown eyes, and is allergic to wheat.

Audry Paul is eleven years old. She plays the trumpet and loves bulldogs and the color red.

Grace Paul is twelve years old. She is an athlete and enjoys running, basketball, football, soccer, and softball! She also loves the ocean and all animals.

Rachel Wexler is twelve years old. She loves to have fun and enjoys animals.

Emma Neill is ten years old. Her favorite animal is the sea turtle and she likes surfing.

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