Posted by: jess | January 25, 2010

The scavenger hunts continue! The Sea School’s winter fund raising event begins with a series of Sea Fandango scavenger hunts. This year, as with last year, Lily & Co. is the Master Sponsor. Each week a clue will be published in the paper and posted online at . The first person to find the location of the Sea Fandango token will be rewarded with a true treasure from Lily & Co. and the winner is posted online. The prize is a free to the winner and there is no obligation. That’s the spirit of this ocean celebration.
This year Sanibel Sea School’s ocean celebration will culminate on February 20 with the Sea Fandango event at The Community House. Join the fun of searching, finding, getting and giving or just come to Sea Fandango without scavenging! Sanibel Sea School is a 501(c)3 dedicated to marine conservation through experiential education. All proceeds from Sea Fandango will go to scholarships and operating expenses.

We’ll be posting our clues on here, but their primary source is the Island Sun and the Islander. Check back soon for this week’s clue!



  1. Where is your school located? Address?

    • we’re at 414 Lagoon Drive off of Periwinkle on Sanibel Island.

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