Posted by: leahbiery | February 26, 2010

Sustainable Seafood Seminar: Navigating the Market and Menu

Bluefin tuna, one of the world's most beautiful and endangered fish.

This spring, Sanibel Sea School is partnering with Sweet Melissa’s Cafe to offer you a short course about sustainable seafood consumption.

Seafood is a delicious source of lean protein, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients, but due to pollution fish may also contain dangerous levels of toxins such as mercury and pesticides that can have serious health repercussions. Current seafood harvesting methods are leading to environmental problems as we continue to develop newer and better fishing technologies to feed our ever-increasing world population. The illusion of plenty in the vast blue sea is comforting, but the reality is that the ocean is quickly approaching its limit. If we continue consuming seafood at our current rate, many species of fish will become unavailable within the next half-century.

Bluefin tuna for sale at a market in Japan.

As consumers, we want to make choices that are both healthy and environmentally responsible, but poorly labeled products and overwhelming amounts of contradictory information make it difficult to do so.

At Sanibel Sea School, we understand that choosing sustainable seafood options can be difficult, which is why, in this three-part series, we will explore ways that you can eat well and feel good about your ocean stewardship at the same time.

Sustainably caught wild Alaskan salmon.

March 8th.  Captiva Yacht Club. 6 PM.

We will watch The End of the Line, which is a powerful film outlining many important global fisheries issues.  Following the film, Dr. Bruce Neill will further clarify some of the leading issues and comment on the movie.

March 15th.  Captiva Yacht Club. 6 PM.

Leah Biery of Sanibel Sea School will team up with a professional fish purveyor, and owner of The Fish Lady Seafood Company.  They will show us how to effectively use consumer guides and how to shop for sustainable and fresh seafood.

March 22nd.  Sweet Melissa’s Cafe. 6 PM.

Chef Melissa Talmage will prepare an exquisite meal centered on delicious sustainable seafood that is healthy for the planet.  Melissa will share her secrets for seafood preparation, and you will enjoy great food and wine- it will be the tastiest class party you’ll ever experience!

Prices are as follows:

March 8th – $10 Donation

March 15th – $10 Donation

All Three Classes – $60

We hope you’ll join us for food, fun, and learning. Class size is limited, so sign up quickly! Call 472-8585 to enroll.

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