Posted by: Doc Bruce | April 3, 2010

Change Your Life – With a Bucket

There is something magical about seeing the underwater world through the bottom of a bucket – a glass-bottom bucket. So simple and pure. Quite likely the simplest, and oldest tool one can use to enter ocean world. To use a glass-bottom bucket transports us to an age of elegance.

Yesterday, we had an afternoon of ocean discovery and joy. Twelve of us, spanning nearly seven decades descended upon a shoal armed with glass-bottom buckets and a desire to learn and share – share the ocean and time spent together.

It’s funny how the act of discovery erases distinctions between us. Maybe it’s that we adults once again become kids; or maybe the simple act of discovery graces kids with an ephemeral wisdom beyond their years. I don’t know how it works, but I do know it’s pure magic.

Time stopped, the big modern world went away; the internet was down, there were no traffic problems, no cell phones rang, there was no angst – complete euphoria. For a couple of hours yesterday there was time warp. Did you feel it?

We lived it – I think we caused it. Out on a shoal, on a beautiful warm spring day armed with glass-bottom buckets squealing with delight as hermit crabs scampered across the sandy bottom.

Want to vastly improve your life? Get a glass-bottom bucket and take a kid to discover the wonders of the ocean at your toes. It will make you a better human.

That simple glass-bottom bucket will magically free you of all the baggage of our big, modern world. It will stop time as you become one with the ocean realm. Good stuff.


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