Posted by: Doc Bruce | April 7, 2010

Blue is the New and Improved Green.

At Sanibel Sea School, we are steadfastly committed to the environment.  As an institution, we work hard to operate in ways that make more sense for the Planet; as the folks who make-up the institution we live it.  We walk more; we drive less; we don’t drink water from disposable bottles.   In many small ways, we are doing things that reduce our impact on the ocean.

The funny thing is, we have found we like our lives better for doing these more arduous things.   And, truly, conservation is about making lives better, not more difficult, nor more pious, but really more savory.

And at the end of a day, which do you cherish more, things that were easy, or those that were rich?

Blue is the new Green.  The Earth is blue when you see it from space.  If we are to conserve the lifestyles we currently enjoy here on Planet Ocean, we must find ways to conserve our blue resources – we must embark on the Blue Revolution.

The Green Movement was and is a powerful and important genesis through which we rekindled an awareness of our connection to nature.  But now is the time to launch the Blue Revolution – a time when our societies will combine technology, innovation and common sense to transform the ways in which we live.  This transformation will provide greater efficiencies, make more economic sense and perhaps most importantly, enrich our lives.

Life will be better in Blue.

An essay is of reduced utility without a call to action.  Here’s mine for today.

For corporate, social, or family gatherings, avoid using plastic eating utensils.  Inexpensive metal utensils are readily available (in retail stores and especially in thrift stores) – the initial investment will pay back quickly with multiple uses (i.e., your profit margin will go up – not down).  The food will be more enjoyable on a real fork.  And, the people who wash up afterwards will enjoy the time and companionship spent in a simple task easily accomplished.  The event will be better; life will be better – welcome to Blue!

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