Posted by: leahbiery | April 19, 2010

Celebrate the Blue Planet!

Happy Earth Week from Sanibel Sea School! This week provides many opportunities to discover new ways to act as a good steward of the planet, but it’s important to keep the environment in mind year-round. In celebration of Earth Week 2010, we’ll share green ideas that will help you make a difference far past this week and into the future!

Monday’s Tip:

Make your toilets more efficient. If you have older toilets in your house (pre-2000), they are probably not low flush models. Conventional (non- low flush) models can use 4-7 gallons of water per flush – that’s about 350 gallons per household each day!

The best option is to consider installing ultra low flush toilets in your house (they use ~1.5 gallons per flush), but if that’s not a viable solution, you can still improve your water usage. Toilets don’t actually need as much water as they use to flush effectively, so you can use various methods to displace some of the water in the tank and save water without noticing a difference in flush performance. There are toilet tank banks available for under $2.00. You just fill the sack up with water and stick it in your toilet tank – it saves 0.8 gallons each flush.

An even easier solution is to stick a brick, a heavy rock, or a one-liter water bottle filled with sand in the toilet tank. These items displace some of the water and decrease the amount used during each flush.

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to conserve water, check out our previous blog: Where is all the water?

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