Posted by: leahbiery | April 23, 2010

Young Authors: SX3 Celebrates Earth Day with PACE

Bruce, Emily, Liz and I shared Earth Day with a group of very fun young ladies from the PACE Center for Girls. We searched for fascinating marine organisms on the beach, then frolicked in the Gulf of Mexico and practiced our surfing skills. After a delicious cookout, the girls took some time to reflect on their Earth Day at Sanibel Sea School and wrote down a few of their thoughts:

Why do you care about the ocean?

“I care for the ocean because I love to be in it and because there are lovely animals in it and I’m someone who loves to swim and ’cause it’s a place where you can relax and get things off your mind. I wish I could live in it.” -Gabriela C.

“We care about the ocean because our water needs to be clean so the animals can be safe and the Earth won’t be polluted.” -Stephanie

“Because if we don’t care who will? The fishes would die and so would all of the other amazing things that live in the water. All this because you can’t turn off the sink when you brush your teeth.” -Sidney

“I care about our ocean because nobody wants to be swimming in trash.” -Gina

“It’s extremely important to save and preserve our ocean and its beauty. Without the ocean we lose things that could be very valuable to everyday life. There are so many things that come from our oceans. I believe we should all work towards saving the oceans.” -Gabriela G.

“I care about the ocean because there are many more species to find and discover in the ocean, but if there’s all kinds of trash in the ocean we can’t search for the new creatures.” -Kelly

“We should care about saving the ocean because all water leads to the ocean and that’s where we get our water and without water we won’t survive.” -Monica

“The ocean is my serenity. My life is a beach. I care for my environment and do all I can to beutify my local community- remember, don’t buy bottled water!” -Ms. April

What does Earth Day mean to you?

“Earth Day to me is appreciating how lucky we are to be living in this environment and on this day we celebrate all of it.” -Jasmine

“To me Earth Day is a day that you can appreciate the Earth like help around and clean around your neighborhood and recycle and stop littering.” -Gwenetha

“Earth Day is a day when people should celebrate having the Earth and all the things that it does for us like giving us a place to live, food, and water.  All these things and more, and all we do to repay it is dump trash in it and mess it up. Earth Day makes you stop and think about all of the things you do each day.” -Sidney

“Earth Day is a day that we help our planet.” -Joshlyn

“Earth Day is to make us aware of how our Earth is and how we can appreciate it and how we can make it more beautiful than what it is.” -Fatima

“Earth Day is a day to reflect on what we as humans are made of. We should make other aware that humans, animals, plants, organisms, and all live creatures are interconnected.” -Ms. Joelle

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