Posted by: Doc Bruce | June 25, 2010

Remember the Maine!

Remember the Maine!

Was the cheer to victory during the Spanish-American war.  The Maine was a US Navy armored cruiser that sunk in Havana.  Its loss was a  seminal event that led up to that war.  The Captain of the Main was Charles Sigsbee – who did not go down with the ship, but enjoyed a long, notable service to the United States.

The Gulf of Mexico is the 9th largest ocean basin in the world.  Much of the Gulf of Mexico is shallow, intertidal waters, however, it does have some deep ocean areas as well.

The deepest part is known as the Sigsbee Deep. The actual depth is still unknown, but estimates range between 12,300 and 14,383 ft.  It is in the southwestern region of the Gulf, about 200 miles southeast of Brownsville, Texas.  Ships under the command of Captain Charles Sigsbee, discovered and mapped these depths before he was the Captain of the Maine.  The depths are named in his honor.

The Gulf of Mexico is a fascinating, dynamic ocean basin.  Let’s view it not only as a victim of an historic ocean oil contamination event, but also as the dynamic, interesting ocean basin it is.

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