Posted by: lauraearly | May 12, 2011

Third graders save the manatees!

Justin (left) and Ted (right) are raising money to benefit Florida manatees.

Justin and Ted, third graders at Devon Elementary School in Devon, Pennsylvania, are taking action in the name of Florida’s charismatic sea cows. They have organized a fundraising project at their elementary school to benefit endangered manatees.

While visiting Sanibel Sea School in November, Justin learned about manatees while observing them in the wild. In February, he and his friend Ted came up with the idea to raise money to benefit these vulnerable marine mammals, and after a pitch to the school principal and a little more research, they have been given the green light!

Justin and his mom created this flyer to be posted around the school during the weeks they will be taking donations.

They will announce the fundraiser to their elementary school over the public address system on May 16th and will collect donations through May 27th. The donations they collect will go to the Save the Manatee Trust Fund to help fund research and conservation efforts in Florida.

We are so proud that a Sanibel Sea School student is taking action in their community, and we have agreed to match their donation up to $200.

You can show Justin and Ted your support by sending a donation, or just a note of encouragement to the address below. Make all checks payable to “Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,” and in the Note field: “Save the Manatee Trust Fund.” You can also make an online donation.  Help Justin and Ted reach their ambitious goal of $500, and make a donation before May 27th!

All donations will go directly to the Save the Manatee Trust Fund, but possibly more important is just making this project a positive experience for two third graders from Pennsylvania so that they have the confidence to take on similar endeavors in the future.

Mail to: The Manatee Project, C/O Devon Elementary School, 400 Fairfield Road, Devon, PA 19333

To learn more about how the money will be used, read the Fund’s 2009-2010 Annual Report.


  1. I am so proud of these two young boys for coming up with this wonderful project to help Save the Manatees. They are so excited about the project. It’s these kinds of activities that kids partake in early on that ultimately make them more caring and compassionate adults and stewards of the environment. Thank you Devon Elementary and Sanibel Sea School for supporting these guys! It has already been an invaluable learning experience.

  2. This is a terrific program and I am so impressed with these guys for coming up with such a worthwhile project! I am a big manatee fan and know some of the problems that they have surviving in today’s world. Yes, thanks to Devon Elementary and the wonderful Sanibel Sea School for your support!

  3. Hi Ted and Justin!
    Its Amelia! Great job on coming up on raising money for the manatees! I am sure to bring at least 30 dollars to your jar! I LOVE manatees! They are so wonderful and cute!

    Amelia Daggett
    4th grade

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