About Sanibel Sea School

Our Mission

To promote marine conservation through transformative education, communication, and research.

Our Vision

Sanibel Sea School is dedicated to vibrantly teaching children and adults about marine ecosystems. We use the barrier island habitats of Sanibel and Captiva to give our students an opportunity to touch, feel, and understand their natural surroundings in a field setting.

Through their experiences, students develop an intimate bond with the ocean and its inhabitants, and gain an enhanced awareness of the tightly woven fabric of our global environment. Sanibel Sea School’s programs foster a sense of wonder in regards to the marine world, leaving participants eager to learn more and enthusiastic about practicing good ocean stewardship.

Our programs cover all that encompasses marine ecosystems – animals, people, plants, land, ocean and weather.

Thanks to the nature of field education, Sanibel Sea School provides a rich ocean experience that will invigorate students for a lifetime of appreciation and responsibility.

We offer transformative education – it’s more than an experience – It changes the way we live.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that if we are to provide positive educational experiences and promote conservation, as a corporation we must act as a responsible steward of the environment, of our local community, and of the people we serve. Our by-laws reflect this, and mandate that we conduct our business in a manner that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes social contributions.

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”

Baba Dioum, 1968


  1. Really a very Intersting work on educating the children about the importance and conservation of oceans.
    It would have been nice if such education could also be done in Goa,India.

    Iam a researcher working for non-profit research organisation and would be keen in collaborating with you in carrying out such work here.

    Do let me know for any queries

    Thanking You,


  2. These are special spots on the globe. I’ve not been to Sanibel Island in close to 40 yearsso I hope it has maintained its calm and calming character. May God protect you from the spill so others can know these rare beaches.

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